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      Mercer Chiefs News

      Summer Hockey Academy at Ice Land!

      2019 Ice Land Hockey Academy - Midget AAA/Tier One & Two Juniors Off-Season Training Program run out of Ice Land!

      The AAA program offers a professionally developed training program with an appropriate number of scrimmages, games and tournaments. The players will be in one of four groups - U15, U16, U18 and/or U20 for Showcases.  These teams, and this program, is geared toward the elite tier one players.  Emphasis is placed on player development and skill development.  The program offers the following for players at most levels:

      ·         Skill and game-system based on-ice training
      ·         Professionally developed off-ice training
      ·         Scrimmages (at least two local scrimmages)
      ·         Exposure to Ice Land’s junior affiliates, the Youngstown Phantoms (USHL) and Maryland Black Bears (NAHL)
      ·         Full-ice tournaments with high exposure (See tournament schedule below)
      ·         Advisory role for the players - coaching staff has helped place over 40 players into D1, D3, tier one and tier two juniors (Full reference list upon request.)


      Our focus is on complete player development and exposure for this important time in a player’s path to college/pro hockey! Our program is tailored for individual player skill, strength and mental development in a team environment.  It is called the off-season for a reason! Our goal is to make sure every athlete leaves the off-season a significantly better hockey player, with a better plan for the following season. 

      Click here for more information and to register!

      Important Info - Everyone Must Do!

      Mercer Chief Families - As OF 8/22/18 we have 157 of 223 Chief families signed up for Sports Engine. We need to get to 100%! If you have not - please register below. It does not cost anything and takes all of a couple of minutes. This will help us effectively communicate all organizational announcements (for instance on uniforms) or announcements to specific teams. Thank you!

      Ross Colton, Mercer Chiefs player, signed to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL!

      A huge congratulations goes out to Ross Colton, a lifelong Mercer Chiefs player, for signing with the Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL. On Tuesday, June 26th, the NHL Vice President and General Manager Steve Yzerman announced, “The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed forward Ross Colton to a two-year, two-way contract.”

      Ross played his youth hockey career almost exclusively under the tutelage of Mercer Chiefs coach and Hockey Director Chris Barcless. Ross still trains with Coach Barcless at Ice Land throughout the off season. Coach Barcless said, “Ross is an extraordinary person and player and he deserves everything that his coming his way.” Ironically, Ross also played one season with the current Chiefs General Manager and Coach Rob Broderick, at the Midget level after his youth career with the Chiefs. Coach Broderick said, “Chris Barcless being the person he is, called me because that season Mercer did not have a strong Midget team and he knew that we did. Of course I knew and coached against Ross and knew how incredibly gifted he was, but I also knew that he played for Chris and you just know that means he is a good player on both sides of the puck because of Chris’s coaching. Ross certainly has the talent, but his work ethic is special and the coaching he received from Chris Barcless certainly played a big role. They both should be very proud!”

      Ross said, “I owe a lot to the Chiefs organization and especially to Coach Barcless. I would not be where I am today without them.”

      The Mercer Chiefs family and Ice Land congratulate Ross for signing to play for the Tampa Bay organization and we couldn’t be prouder! We can't wait to see him on the ice!

      Mercer family now owners of USHL Franchise!

      The Mercer Chiefs organization is thrilled to announce that the Mercer family is now owners of a USHL franchise. Ice Land and Mercer Chiefs General Manager Rob Broderick said, “This is a game changer for the Mercer Chiefs hockey club. USHL is the best Junior League in the country, the only Tier One Junior League in the United States. The Chiefs are now part of an organization with an NAHL team, a EHL team and now a USHL team. The Chiefs players will have the opportunity to play for a great program from Mites through the two best Junior programs in the United States. This is a very exciting day for the Mercer Chiefs!" Chiefs Hockey Director Chris Barclass said, "This is a great day for the Mercer Chiefs family. Now the Chiefs organization has the EHL, the NAHL and the USHL as options for our top Tier One Midget Players."

      Congratulations to Coby and Chip drafted

      A big congratulations to Coby Auslander and Chip Hamlett for being drafted by the Boston Bandits. Coby and Chip are both on the U18AAA Premier team for the 2018 season for the Chiefs. "Two terrific players, the Bandits picked two gamers. Coby was taken first overall in the draft. "He is a smart, talented forward and Chip is a solid two way defenseman. They are both solid on both sides of the puck," said Mercer Chiefs U18 Coach and GM Rob Broderick. Congrats Coby and Chip!

      • 2018 U15 Atlantic District Champions
      • 2018 U15 AYHL Champions
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      Mercer Chiefs

      The Mercer Chiefs competitive hockey program offers a structured and disciplined venue for children up to the age of 18 to participate in a highly competitive travel hockey league. The program is selective in matching a child’s physical ability and skill level with the appropriate level of competition and developmental options. The Mercer Chiefs Tier 1 AAA teams offer the highest level of competition both regionally and nationally and compete within the AYHL and at high-level tournaments throughout the country. The Mercer Chiefs Tier 2 teams compete within the NJYHL and at very competitive, high profile tournaments and is an excellent alternative to the Tier 1 program for players of all abilities who want to compete and improve their skill level. Both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 hockey programs require a significant commitment from both the player and their parents or guardians with respect to practices, games, and tournaments and this commitment should be carefully considered before participating in the program. The rewards gained from this commitment are significant for all involved. The primary focus of the Mercer Chiefs program has been and will continue to be on the development, competitiveness, and enjoyment of the player participating in high level athletic competition.

      Player Development


      • Maximizing the amount of on-ice practices.
      • Emphasis on fundamentals & skill development.
      • Certified coaching staff for all practices.
      • Pre-season Mini Camp in late August.

      Regular season begins in September and runs through March.

      Click Here for AYHL site

      Click logo to go to the AYHL website!

      Chiefs Fall Practice Schedule

      Monday -
      Rink A -
      5:25-6:25p Mites
      Rink B -
      6:00-7:00p - Skills Rotation 05-09
      7:10-8:10p - Skills Rotation 03-04, Midget
      8:20-9:50p U18 

      Tuesday -
      Rink A -
      5:25-6:25p Squirt A/Peewee AA
      6:35-7:35p Bantam Major/Peewee Minor
      7:45-8:45p U18 Elite
      8:55-9:55p U18 Premier
      Rink B -
      8:35-9:45p U16 American

      Wednesday –
      Rink A -
      5:40-6:40p Squirt Minor/Squirt Major
      6:50-7:50p Peewee Major/Bantam Minor
      8:00-9:00p U16 National
      9:10-10:10p U15 National

      Thursday –
      Rink A
      5:25-6:25p Squirt A/Peewee AA
      6:35-7:35p Bantam Major
      7:45-8:45p U16 A/U15 National
      8:55-10:20p U18 Elite/Premier
      Rink B
      6:10-7:10p Peewee Minor
      7:20-8:20p U16 National

      Friday -
      Rink A -
      5:25-6:25p Mites
      6:35-7:35p Squirt Major/Minor
      Rink B -
      6:45-7:45p Peewee Major
      7:55-8:55p Bantam Minor

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